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Computer Doctor history

Ted Kieper

I began my business career in in 1967 when I rented an old service station on South 22nd and Greenfield Avenue in Milwaukee to have a place to work on my racing motorcycles. I named it Competition Cycle Center. To support my expensive motorcycle racing habit I began fixing motorcycles for the public. I was traveling to races all over the mid-west and it was getting hard to make ends meet. I had just left my two year (1965 - 1967) position at Harley-Davidson Motor Company so I needed to earn some money. Through the fall of 1967 and winter of 1968 I drove a taxi cab at night 7 nights a week. I operated the motorcycle shop 6 days a week. In March of 1968 I placed a radio ad on WRIT radio in Milwaukee for motorcycle  and tune-ups and became the 1st Milwaukee area motorcycle business to advertise on the radio. It brought me instant credibility and business and by fall I was looking for a larger building which I found on South 27th and National. By 1972 I had to build an addition on to the building to house my 21 employees.

In 1971 and 1972 I traveled with my Death Riders motorcycle thrill show doing county fairs and racing events. A movie was later produced that was based on my show named Death Riders. I was not in it.

In the fall of 1982 I purchased a Texas Instruments Home Computer for my children for Christmas and I was curious about it so I decided  that I needed to set it up and test it so the kids wouldn’t be disappointed if it didn’t work. After a week of sitting up late playing with the computer connected to our TV in our bedroom after the kids were in bed, I decided to take it to the shop and play with it there. About two weeks later I began selling computer products at my motorcycle store under the name of Competition Computer. At first I specialized in printer sales selling over a hundred a month after a short time.

In the late seventies I became an FAA certified Flight Instructor. Mostly to be able to fly airplanes and have my students pay for the airplane rental. That was a real adventure. Imagine riding on the back seat of a MX bike flying through the air trying to talk the rider on the front seat into making a safe landing without hurting himself, the bike or you. But I loved the speed- well over 200mph some times. I am still an active pilot flying several airplanes. It's a big part of my life.

In spring 1985 I went to a service school in Boston for Leading Edge computers to learn how to fix printers and computers. By fall 1985 I began assembling my own PC brand. Most people thought I was crazy. I was told no one would consider buying a computer without IBM’s name on it and I was wasting my time. I did it anyway. The rest is history. IBM no longer builds PCs and I do.

There are now thousands of computers in existence I have built. I am very proud.

In 1990 I sold the motorcycle business.

As of June 1, 2000 the company name was changed to Computer Doctor Wis LLC.

Ted Kieper  owner